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Guide Days for Dorian

Wanting to help the guides of the Bahamas, some guides in the Madison Valley came up with the idea to pool their tips from one day of guiding and donate the money to the YDCCF relief fund.

Other guides have stepped forward auctioning off trips with all proceeds going to the Bahamas. The angling community has a chance to make a difference in the Bahamas right now and for years to come!

To get started:

  1. Let people know you are auctioning a trip or donating your tips from a day on the water. Get the word out on social media, local watering hole and your client lists.

    NOTE - Please feel free to pull any images and text from the YDCCF website!

  2. If you’re auctioning a trip, set a time limit and keep track of the highest bidder.

  3. Once there’s a winner and you’ve received their money, you can donate below.

  4. If you’re pooling guide tips, you can also donate below.

  5. All funds will be going directly to those in the Bahamian angling community that need it most!