WHAT: The Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation (YDCCF), AFFTA, Angling Trade and Yellow Dog have established a fund to raise money for our Bahamian fly fishing “family” – the guides, lodge employees, staff and of course the families that have been devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

WHY: We realize that there will be numerous, large-scale relief and aid efforts that will target the Bahamas in the weeks and months ahead, and that is a good thing. Our goal, however, is to help those in the fly fishing industry – the guides, lodge employees and those that are directly linked to the fly fishing industry on Abaco and Grand Bahama. Lodges can be rebuilt and insurance can pay out. For the individuals that are affected however – by loss of property, possessions and income – we want to make a direct difference.

WHEN: All funds raised through the Double Haul for Dorian hurricane relief campaign will be distributed directly to those that need help. We plan to deliver funds on both Grand Bahama and Abaco: placing funds directly into the hands of those that need it most by working with our network of lodges and local outfitters. This is the most direct way to ensure that these resources are delivered directly to the people that need the most help.

WHO: Double Haul for Dorian - Anglers for the Bahamas is proud to partner with any businesses or entities in the fishing world to raise as much as possible and have the biggest impact. We look forward to partnering with others from throughout the world of fly fishing to spread the word and maximize donations 

HOW (TO HELP):  DONATE TODAY! YDCCF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and all gifts are tax deductible.



The Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation works to enhance communities, build partnerships and support conservation in places where great fishing is found. We achieve this by providing targeted grants to directly support priority conservation needs, vital community projects, and educational efforts in international angling destinations. The Foundation also provides support for certain events and builds partnerships to leverage funding for specific projects and impact.

Yellow Dog Community & Conservation Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


"There are a number of groups and non-profits that are doing good work in the realms of conservation, access and education. The difference with this foundation, however, is that it provides our company and our clients the opportunity to make a direct and meaningful impact in the most significant fishing destinations and areas throughout the world."



The Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation is a project started by the owners and staff of Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures, a Bozeman, Montana-based destination angling and travel company that has been sending anglers all over the world since 1999. Yellow Dog customers have always received one-on-one personal attention, excellent customer service, full travel support, and detailed and extensive pre-trip materials specific to the destination or destinations where they fish. While the company has always been focused on providing its customers with the best service, preparation and support in the business, Yellow Dog has also worked tirelessly to support the communities, fisheries, and ecosystems that we all rely on for great fishing. 

The Yellow Dog team wanted to do more to create a path where more funds could be raised, and more resources dedicated to the organizations, projects and individuals that are truly making a difference in the areas and regions in which we work, fish and travel. Thus was born the Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation (YDCCF).

The fact that the Yellow Dog team spends so much time in the world’s great fishing destinations on a regular and ongoing basis has allowed us to identify the projects, groups and efforts that are truly making a difference for anglers and for fisheries. From large-scale conservation efforts to small, local, grass-roots undertakings, YDCCF provides direct financial support to these groups while also giving anglers the ability to have an impact on the places and destinations that they love and care about.

In many of the locations in which we operate, even modest donations and small levels of direct support have a significant impact. Whether it’s the purchase of laptop computers for a grade school on Andros Island, funds that support enforcement and monitoring of catch-and-release flats fishing in Belize, or support for angler access initiatives throughout the US West, the Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation is able to support the important work that positively impacts fishing around the world.



One of the things that has always set anglers apart from other outdoor recreationalists is the great lengths to which they will go to pursue game fish and in turn, protect and enhance the fisheries and wild places where fish live. In many of the world’s great sportfishing destinations, fishing access and on-water experiences are enjoyed as a result of the efforts of groups and individuals who are working tirelessly to protect and preserve these rights and resources.

Many of the world’s great fisheries are located in remote places in need of community support and assistance. Yellow Dog believes that an important part of stewardship is supporting their partners and the local communities in and around those fisheries. Yellow Dog's long-standing relationships with the lodges and the people who live in those communities give the Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation the unique ability to directly support local civic programs, sportsman’s access, and fishery conservation where and when it matters and is most effective. The Foundation also provides a mechanism for anglers to directly support the destinations and communities they care about on a grass-roots level.

The Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation (YDCCF) formalizes Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures’ company commitment and the commitment of our anglers and clients to being stewards of the areas in which we operate and fish.