"We choose to invest in ideas that broaden horizons and promote sustainability in our backyard and around the globe."

sarah davies tilt  |  executive director, ydccf




The Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation provides grants to directly support priority conservation needs, community projects and educational efforts in important angling communities around the world.  We have four core areas of interest:

  • Fishery Conservation: Conserving, protecting and enhancing the fisheries and habitats important to anglers.
  • Access: Protecting angler access and promoting on-water opportunities for outdoor recreation.
  • Community: Positively impacting the communities surrounding and linked to the places we fish.
  • Education: Introducing the sport of fishing and the occupation of guiding to future generations.


YDCCF seeks to build partnerships with non-profit organizations, foundations, and companies to leverage funding for specific projects and impact.  The Foundation may act as a pass through funding mechanism for foundations and companies to provide support for local conservation and community efforts.  The Foundation may also act as a funding vehicle for a select number of partners.


Direct charitable activities (DCAs) are philanthropic activities that YDCCF engages in directly, rather than by making grants to grantees. The Foundation will strive to provide education for guides and clients, and to provide volunteer opportunities for clients.  The Foundation may provide: conservation project tours, volunteer opportunities, special hosted trips for clientele; and training to ensure that guides have solid skills and technique, knowledge of fisheries and environment, and a strong conservation ethic.  



In addition to supporting projects and organizations that fit within core focus areas, the Foundation recognizes that sometimes unanticipated opportunities will arise requiring flexibility in how we respond.  The Foundation will reserve funds to support special projects and respond to specific and immediate needs as necessary.  


*Under IRS regulations, the expenses associated with DCAs count as part of a foundation’s qualifying distributions and must be reported annually on IRS Form 990-PF.