The Foundation seeks partnerships with local organizations that are directly engaged with preserving and enhancing the local communities and fisheries. The Foundation provides grants to directly support priority conservation needs, community projects and educational efforts in important angling communities around the world.  

Please visit Grant Programs for more information.

Our Guidelines and Priorities: The Foundation provides grants from $250 to $5,000 for an individual project.  The Foundation has limited resources and places higher priority on projects that:

  1. Benefit fisheries and habitats.

  2. Enhance our target communities through schools, education or other civic needs.

  3. Include partnerships with the lodges or angling operations that Yellow Dog works with.

  4. Provides ability to leverage additional funding.

We also value projects in which our grants can serve as a catalyst for other sources of funding, including volunteer labor, donations of materials and equipment, and other funding sources.

We accept inquires for grants in the destinations that Yellow Dog Fly Fishing Adventures conducts its business and sends their clients, nationally and internationally.  Please visit for a complete list of destinations.  We also encourage applicants to partner with the local lodges that we work with. 

The Foundation accepts proposals on an ongoing basis. The Board of YDCCF reviews grants twice annually in the spring and fall. In general these meetings are in March and October and we will accept proposals up to one week prior to the Board Meeting.  If awarded, grant funds are disbursed within a few weeks of the meeting. You may contact us for specific dates. YDCCF will accept one proposal annually from an organization, with the exception of specific projects with dedicated funds.

We encourage applicants to call or email to discuss their projects to make sure it is a good fit for the foundation. 

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have questions. The Foundation views its grantees and partners and will work with you through all phases of the project.


If you think your organization, project, event or community fits within our guidelines, please submit an online application. Applications are accepted on an on-going basis and reviewed by the Board of Directors twice annually.  


Our partners are key to the Foundation’s success.  To that end the Foundation will work with grantees through all phases of the project.  Grantees are required to submit appropriate progress reports and a final report for the funding they receive. Grantee reports help us to measure how YDCCF has helped your programs and participants and evaluate our effectiveness. Site visits may be part of the evaluation to gauge impact on conservation and target communities.

Grantee Reports should include the following information. Please be as specific as possible when sharing how the funds impacted your program.
Organization name and contact
Name of Project
Grant period (e.g March 2018 - February 2019)
Dates of Project (if applicable)
Amount received from YDCCF
Location of project

Program Impact
1. What were your program goals and how were the funds YDCCF provided specifically used? Please describe what specific activities you engaged in and include your progress on meeting your expected objectives, scope of work, and anticipated time frame. 
2. From your perspective in what ways was your program effective or successful. Please share a specific example if possible.
3. What did your participants gain as a result of participation in this program or activity? (if applicable)
4. Total number of participants, including adults, leaders, students, volunteers, ethnicity, gender etc.
5. Ages of participants, if applicable

Financial Report: If the grant you received is over $5,000, please email a financial report showing how the grant funds were used to

Stories, photos and media: We regularly add information to the Foundation’s website detailing our grants and grantees, as well as sharing the details on our social media outlets.  Please email any photos, stories and media about your project to

If you have any questions about your reports or the guidelines, please feel free to contact us.