Permit Fishing supports the children of Punta Allen, Mexico

Over $12,000 will be given to the Punta Allen Primary School

The 4th Annual Ascension Bay Permit Tournament was held in Punta Allen, Mexico in May 2018.  This tournament is a wonderful way for anglers to participate in a great weekend of fishing and raise awareness and funding for the local primary school.  This is also a great example of anglers giving back to the communities that support their fishing. 

This event is supported by Thomas & Thomas, the Rockwell Foundation, and the Yellow Dog Community & Conservation Foundation. The tournament culminates with a dinner and auction to raise money to support the needs of the community and its children.  This year we are exciting to announce that the tournament raised roughly $10,000 and all funds will be allocated to projects benefitting the Punta Allen Primary School.

Over the years, the Ascension Bay Permit Tournament has provided support to the Punta Allen Primary School in a variety of ways including new computers and handicap equipment.  In 2017, the tournament and YDCCF provided funding to build four working restrooms (previously there was only one working toilet).  This year YDCCF awarded $2,500 and the tournament has raised an additional $10,000 for the schools.  These funds will support three key projects:  restore the roof of the palapa where the children eat lunch; convert a storage room to a computer classroom and purchase computers and other classroom equipment; and expand the landscaping and fill potholes in the road surrounding the school to improve the health and safety of the children.