An Evening with YDCCF

The Bozeman Sprits Distillery generously hosted the Yellow Dog Community & Conservation Foundation (YDCCF) on March 7th to raise awareness and funding for the Foundation’s work. About 80 people came out and helped to raise over $4,000 for YDCCF through raffle tickets for prizes like a Thomas & Thomas fly rod and Hatch Reel, Bozeman Spirits gift basket, merchandise sales, donations, and a silent auction. The turnout was more than expected and provided a real testament to the value of these fisheries and communities across the globe YDCCF supports. Notable sponsors Dan Lohmiller of Rivers Edge Fly Shop and KC Walsh of Simms Fishing Company were also in attendance.

As for the winners of the raffle prizes, Bill Dennis won the Thomas & Thomas fly rod and Hatch Reel, and Michael Schreiner won the Bozeman Spirits Distillery Gift Box. Congratulations to both gentlemen on their winnings!

YDCCF is thrilled by the amazing show of support from our community. Thank you for supporting great fishing and great fisheries!

"Our goal was to help promote what YDCCF is doing for local rivers in Montana and communities around the world. It is a great organization to support, as most of us here travel to the places YDCCF is helping out."                                Jim Harris, Owner,                                            Bozeman Spirits Distillery

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