Current Grants, awarded March 6, 2018

The support from YDCCF for the Jack Creek Project is great news, and it affirms their dedication and commitment to important restoration projects being done on our local waterways".  
                                                                                                   Sunni Heikes-Knapton, Watershed Coordinator

Madison Conservation District, Ennis, Montana: YDCCF awarded a grant to the Madison Conservation District to restore and enhance riparian vegetation and improve in-stream habitat in Jack Creek, an important tributary to the Madison River. Stream and riparian restoration and enhancement activities will support existing fisheries values and provide opportunities for the re-introduction of Arctic grayling.

Angler's Benefitting Louisiana's Estuaries (ABLE): ABLE is a non-profit organization that engages in coastal restoration and environmental education activities in Louisiana. The organization has been heavily involved in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, where the community's thriving commercial and recreational fishing industries are continually threatened by the degradation of its fragile coastal environment.  YDCCF provided a grant to ABLE to engage local students in environmental education programming that will encourage good environmental stewardship along the community's vulnerable coast.  

The Taimen Fund, Mongolia: YDCCF provided a grant to assist The Taimen Fund (TTF) for their Riverkeeper program in the Eg Watershed, Hovsgol Province, Mongolia.  The River Keeper Program is an ambitious anti-poaching project spanning a total of seven different villages throughout the Eg Watershed, along approximately 120 miles of river. The Riverkeepers employed in the program are local herders that spend a great amount of their time caring for their animals along the riverbanks of the Eg River and its tributaries. 

Toledo Exposure & Wil Mehia, Belize: YDCCF provided a second grant to help Toledo Exposure and Wil Mehia continue their efforts to patrol Southern Belize to monitor for illegal fishing. Funding will also support two PSA's to educate people about the setting of gillnets and how it affects the fishing and health of the fisheries.

Torres del Paine Legacy Fund, Chile: YDCCF provided a grant to the Torres del Paine Lagacy Fund to enhance appreciation of, and minimize impacts on, the unique but fragile wetland ecosystems that comprise Torres del Paine National Park. With funding from YDCCF, the Legacy Fund will construct a boardwalk in a highly trafficked but sensitive segment of the popular “W” circuit, as well as design and install interpretive displays that communicate the critical features of the surrounding ecosystems to the estimated 80,000 outdoor enthusiasts that hike this iconic trail every year. 

Discretionary Grants
Chica de Mayo, Bozeman, Montana: YDCCF provided a sponsorship for Chica de Mayo, an annual women’s fly fishing event in Bozeman, Montana which encourages girl and women to fish.

Punta Allen Primary School, Punta Allen, Mexico:  YDCCF has awarded a new grant to the Punta Allen Primary School restore the roof of the palapa where the children eat lunch, and convert a storage room to a computer classroom. 

Yes for Responsible Mining, Montana: Yes for Responsible Mining is a coalition of Montana conservation and sportsman groups working to pass a ballot initiative in November 2018 that would allow the state the ability deny permits for new metals mines that would require perpetual water treatment to address surface water pollution from heavy metals and/or acid mine drainage.



Following is a snapshot of a few of the grants awarded in 2017.

BAÑO 1.jpg

Punta Allen Primary School

YDCCF awarded a grant to rebuild the local school bathrooms for the small fishing village of Punta Allen, Mexico. Punta Allen is located in Ascension Bay in the heart of the Si'an Ka'an biosphere, considered by many to be the finest flats fishing in the world for a grand slam. The school had only one bathroom with a working toilet.  YDCCF supported the remodeling to provide four working restrooms and a cleaner, healthier and safer place for the children.


Wil Mehia and Toledo Exposure

YDCCF is supporting Wil Mehia and Toldeo Exposure to protect Belizean fisheries from illegal gillnet poaching.  YDCCF provided funding to assist with monitoring and reporting of illegal gillnetting along the Guatemalan and Honduras borders, and to produce a video to compel legislators to make gillnets in Belize illegal.  In 2017, Wil has helped to reduce illegal poaching, expose illegal fishing camps, gain media attention for the issue, and engage in meaningful discussion with the Belize Fisheries Administration.  A video highlighting the need to ban gillnetting in Belize will be released in 2018.



B Sweetman 5.jpg

University of Alabama University of Alabama - to complete a water quality analysis in the Port Honduras Marine Reserve, Belize: a case study of human impacts on a diverse and critical marine landscape
YDCCF is supporting the University of Alabama and Brenna Sweetman to complete a water quality analysis in the Port Honduras Marine Reserve, Belize: a case study of human impacts on a diverse and critical marine landscape. Brenna recently had the opportunity to discuss her research and the importance of water quality on PGTV - the local Punta Gorda TV station.  This video also features grantee Wil Mahea (above) and Toledo Exposure. 


 Guide Academy student Tatyana successfully coaches her “client” into her first fish on a fly rod.

Guide Academy student Tatyana successfully coaches her “client” into her first fish on a fly rod.

Bristol Bay Fly Fishing and guide academy

YDCCF provided support to the Bristol Bay Fly Fishing & Guide Academy in 2017 to bring together young leaders from rural Bristol Bay communities to get excited about fly fishing and learn about what is needed to pursue jobs in the region’s world-famous recreational fishing industry.  Funding from YDCCF helps to provide full scholarships and equipment for the students. Since 2009, the Academy has graduated 117 students, 15% of whom are now working in guide jobs. The program continues to illustrate increased local employment and salmon stewardship on Bristol Bay’s rivers.


Backcountry Hunters & Anglers

For anglers, waterfowlers and other sportsmen, access to streams and waterways one of the most important factors in our participation in – and the perpetuation of – our storied outdoor traditions. Our access opportunities, however, are far from guaranteed. Efforts are underway to change existing stream access laws, which vary widely from state to state. Backcountry Hunters & Anglers has been accelerating their engagement in the stream access fight, and in 2016 launched a national stream access campaign – Stream Access Now - to educate sportsmen and others about existing stream access laws and motivate them to get involved. YDCCF provided a grant to help develop a report detailing stream access laws in all 50 states.


Additional Grants have been made to the following organizations in 2017:
Felipe Alonso – Cuba Guide School: to teach kids fly fishing and the importance of the natural ecosystems.
Perry Institute for Marine Science, Bahamas: to help restore Sandy Creek
Ocean Academy, Caye Caulker, Belize: To help with infrastructure, equipment, and scholarships.
Crooked Island Redevelopment Fund, Crooked Island, Bahamas: to help rebuild the fishermen's harbor gazebo at Landrail Point which was destroyed by Hurricane Joaquin.
Guides Trust Foundation, Florida: Hurricane Relief for guides and their families affected by hurricane Irma.
Redside Foundation: to help provide support for Idaho's guiding community.
Bonefish E2"s Way: YDCCF helped to facilitate the building of a flats boat for E2 to help the company to improve their business and attract more anglers.
Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association: to provide information about the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.